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Two Fuller & Thaler Funds listed in "Small-Caps Could Recover. 6 Funds to Play a Rally" by Barron's

"Barron’s screened Morningstar Direct to find small-cap mutual funds that are both open to new investors and have beaten at least two-thirds of their peers over the last three years and year to date."

"The $7.2 billion Undiscovered Managers Behavioral Value¹ (UBVAX) fund often hunts for companies with substantial insider buying..."

"The $5.5 billion Fuller & Thaler Behavioral Small Cap Equity (FTHNX) tends to hold more undervalued stocks and tilts toward more quality stocks—those with consistent profitability and growth, and solid balance sheets—as well as companies that pay dividends or buyback stock. So far this year, the fund’s 27% return beats 87% of its peers, according to Morningstar."

¹Offered by JP Morgan Services, Inc. and sub-advised by Fuller & Thaler.


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